July 2008
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For ˇ°the most exciting, dynamic and fairest taekwondo competitions everˇ±
Olympic Referee Refresher Course held in Beijing The World Taekwondo Federation held the Olympic Referee Refresher Course for the upcoming Olympic Ga...more
Make It Real: The Olympic Dream a Reality Through Olympic Solidarity
19 out of 58 recipients of Olympic Scholarships for Athletes are qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games From August 20 to 23, 2008 the taekwondo competition of the XXIX Olympiad will feature 128 aspiring ...more
People Making the 2008 Olympic Games
Interviews with an Athlete, Taekwondo Competition Manager, International Referee and WTF Olympic Coordinator The opening of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games is closing in. People preparing the Games are getting ...more
Olympic Features series No.1: Athlete on focus - History-making Lopez Family, U.S.A.
The first three American siblings to qualify for the same Olympic Games since 1904 It would be hard to talk about outstanding taekwondo athletes, without mentioning the Lopez family, ...more

WTF & Members News
Peace through Taekwondo: Launch ceremony for Taekwondo Peace Corps and WTF Demonstration Team
Launch ceremony for Taekwondo Peace Corps and WTF Demonstration Team The World Taekwondo Federation launched the Taekwondo Peace Corps and the WTF Demonstration Team in ...more
No Violation : Anti-Doping
Since the first introduction of out-of-competition tests in May 2008, the WTF, with the help of the ...more
Experience and Enjoy Taekwondo! The 2nd World Taekwondo Culture Expo
The 2nd World Taekwondo Culture Expo was held from July 4 to 11, 2008, in Muju, Korea, drawing more than 1,500 competitors from 47 countries...more

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