Congratulatory Message
By IOC President Jacques Rogge
On the occasion of the opening of a new WTF Lausanne Office
On May 5, 2009



Ambassador, Dear friends of the Olympic family,
ladies and gentlemen, and distinguished guests from the Canton du Vaud and the Maison du Sport International;

In front of you stands a happy, graceful and proud man.

I'm happy to be in the Olympic family.
and I'm grateful for the initiative of the WTF in establishing an international office here in Lausanne very close to the headquarters of the IOC.

I'm very proud, for very good reasons.
In that in front of you stands a man who has been awarded a 7th dan in taekwondo. And this has everything to do with my technical skills and nothing is impossible.

Congratulations, President Choue for your initiatives.
By coming here you strengthened the Olympic family
and you strengthened the goal of the Lausanne Olympic family.

And it is much more than one more federation.
We have now more than 30 international federations that are around the IOC and/or in the Canton du Vaud.
And this is a unique feat and this is the result of on one hand the very proactive policy of the public authorities here in Switzerland, in the Canton du Vaud, but also in the city of Lausanne.

The conditions in which we can work here are really excellent,
and I would like to express all my gratitude to the public authorities.

The coming of a new sport is always a joyful moment
and you would experience, President Choue, that there is a lot of added value to be very close to all the other international federations. There is a lot of close organization, a lot of interaction, and you will be much stronger after that.

I would like to thank WTF for the exemplary collaboration with
the International Olympic Committee.

Your sport is in the Olympics since Sydney 2000.
If I make a comparison, between Sydney 2000 and now, there is a hugh change.

You've been modern, you've been evolving,
You have changed what was a rather conservative sport into a very modern dynamic sport.

And I would like to commend you for that.
But, may I also commend my IOC colleagues who have collaborated with you. There are many here that have helped federations very much.
and this is a very good sign of public symbiosis.

Thank you very much.