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포토 뉴스
WTF 매거진
WTF 매거진
English annual magazine (previously published quarterly)
First published as the `World Taekwondo' on August 5, 1976 as the official organ of the WTF
Changed its name into the `WTF Taekwondo' on March 10, 1981 (Korean Ministry of Culture and Information Registration No. Ba-639)
A total of 93 issues have been published from August 1976 to January , 2006.
Trim size: 18.6cm (w) x 25.7cm (d) (until no. 80) -> 22.2 cm (w) x 27.5 cm (d) (from no. 81 to no. 92) -> 24.6 cm (w) x 27.6 cm (d) (from no. 93)
ISSN: 1599-3779 (from autumn 2001 issue, no. 80)

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